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Image: Jerinx, wife Nora and lawyer Gendo after the verdict. Credit: IG Jeg.bali

Gede Ari Astina alias Jerinx was sentenced to one year and two months in prison and a fine of Rp 10 million or an extra one month by a panel of judges at the Denpasar District Court, Thursday (19/11/2020).

After being sentenced, Jerinx did not say a word. He just hugged his wife and mother while walking out to the detention vehicle.

Jerinx’s attorney, Sugeng Teguh Santoso, told the press that his client was very disappointed with the verdict. “Jerinx’s expression shows his disappointment with this decision,” Sugeng said after the trial.

During the verdict, judges, during a very long, comprehensive reading of every detail of the trial which went live on YouTube this morning, stated that the defendant was proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing a criminal act intentionally and without the right to disseminate information aimed at causing hatred or enmity from certain groups of people.

“The defendant’s actions made the doctors feel uncomfortable, while they were aggressively struggling to deal with COVID-19 patients,” said member of the panel of judges I Made Pasek reading out his considerations during the verdict reading.

The judge also said that Jerinx’s walk out moment at the beginning of the trial had an influence on the sentencing.

Additionally, the judges considered mitigating circumstances for Jerinx. One of them mentioned by the judge was that Jerinx often carried out social and humanitarian activities.

“The defendant often carries out social and humanitarian activities by helping poor people during the COVID-19 pandemic by distributing food till now,” said the judge.

“The defendant is the backbone of the family to support his wife and younger siblings and the defendant is expected to be the successor of the family but until now he has not been blessed with children. The defendant has apologized to IDI, even the defendant wanted to fulfill the invitation of the new IDI Central Chairperson to collaborate in efforts to deal with COVID-19. The defendant promised not to repeat his actions and had never been convicted,” added the judge.

Time already spent inside prison will be deducted from the sentence so we calculate the Superman is Dead drummer will be inside for approximately another 11 months.

Previously, prosecutors had demanded three years and Rp10 million subsidiary penalty.

Both the prosecution and Jerinx’s legal team are considering their position and have seven days to appeal the verdict.