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Image: Election campaign billboards popping up everywhere. Credit: ST

Jembrana Election Monitoring Board (Bawaslu) and a team of Community Police (Satpol PP) removed dozens of election campaign attributes that violated regulations on Tuesday. They removed them because the attributes were installed in the wrong place, such as in front of prohibited walls or on trees.

They plan to now monitor every sub-district and starting from Pekutatan Sub-District for two days.

More than 70 campaign banners and billboards were removed on the first day. The team was led by Jembrana Bawaslu Commissioner, Nyoman Westra, and they started checking from Jembrana-Tabanan border on Pengeragoan Village to Pulukan. The Head of Jembrana Satpol, Kadek Agus Ariyanta, said that they had managed to remove 81 attributes, which consisted of 21 billboards, 43 banners, 9 posters and 8 flags.

Westra said that they removed the attributes because they were either installed outside the campaign zone, they were installed inside the campaign zone, but the parties installed the wrong attributes, the attributes were made from the wrong materials, or they were installed in wrong places, such as on the power poles, walls and in front of the school gates.

The monitoring was carried out after it was seen the parties involved had ignored the recommendation letters from Election Commission (KPU). The KPU has reminded the parties since November last year to follow the rules and remove the violating campaign attributes. The monitoring will be carried out for 10 days from Pekutatan until Melaya Sub-Districts.

[We imagine monitoring will also be carried out in the Badung and Denpasar areas soon as the amount of election paraphernalia is becoming ridiculous. Ed.]