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Image: Jalan Danua Tamblingan. Credit: Google Maps.

There was a deadly accident on Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, in the vicinity of Clara Bella Love boutique on Monday at around 9.30pm. The victim was a Japanese woman, Emiko Kojima, 56. She hit a sidewalk after losing control of her Scoopy motorcycle and died on the way to Bali Mandala Hospital, Sanur.

“The victim came from the south and appears to have lost control of the bike and hit the sidewalk. Nearby residents helped her and reported the incident to the police and Denpasar Regional Disaster Agency (BPBD), the victim was put in a BPBD ambulance, but she died on the way to the hospital,” head of Denpasar traffic police, Commisioner Rachmawati Ismail told

Till now the body of the deceased is still in Sanglah Hospital and waiting confirmation from the Japanese consulate to send the body back to Japan.

“We suggest all citizens, including foreigners, be careful on the roads at night time. We hope the travel guides and the hotel management can warn their guests to be careful when riding a motorbike,” she said to

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  • Steven

    Due to the sensibility of this topic I would highly suggest to use another word for “cadaver”. E.g. “the body”, “the deceazed” etc.

    • Editor Seminyaktimes

      Well I suppose that word comes from my Spanish background but I think I would use sensitivity more than sensibility in your phrase too. But all good, it all means pretty much the same thing.

  • Scott

    Yes, the “body of the deceased” would be more respectful. Emiko was a very good person and did not deserve to die so young. We who live in the residences that she built are all stunned and saddened by this severe loss.

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