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A Japanese surfer, Katayanagi Susumu (60), was caught in a massive wave as he was surfing at Kuta Reef beach on Sunday (04/06) around 7.10am. He died at BIMC Hospital, and afterwards his body was transferred to Sanglah Hospital for further examination.

As reported by Nusa Bali, the incident started when Susumu and seven of his Japanese friends went to surf at Kuta Reef, on the west side of Ngurah Rai International Airport. They arrived at 6.30am and 15 minutes later took a boat to the well known surfing spot around 500 meters off the coast. They immediately jumped in and hit the waves, but when a 2-meter wave came crashing in, Susumu was swept away and got separated from his group.

The deceased went missing around 08.05, and was later found in a weak state. Susumu’s friends swiftly evacuated him but his condition had deteriorated by the time they reached land. Badung’s lifeguard brought him to BIMC Hospital in Kuta, but less than an hour after he checked in to the emergency room, he was pronounced dead at 10.10am. The cause of death was the inundation of seawater into his body which damaged the function of his lungs.