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The killer of the elderly Japanese couple in Puri Gading Jimbaran has been found by local police. A Tabanan man, PA (25) was arrested early this morning at around 3am.

In a report in the Bali Post, Bali chief of police, Hengky Widjaja said that according to the perpetrators testimony, the man had a ten million Rupiah debt that he couldn’t pay and went randomly to the Puri Gading housing complex to steal the money.  He found the house gate of the Japanese couple open around 8.30am Sunday, September 3, walked inside and found a knife on a shoe rack.

PA allegedly went upstairs to the second floor where he found Matsubha Hiroko standing with a bag full of money. He attacked the woman, binding her with rope, and stabbed her in the stomach and neck.

Also according to the man’s testimony, the woman’s husband Matsubha Nurio heard the noise from downstairs, and tried to investigate before PA caught him, stabbed him in the back and slit his throat. PA’s next action was to put the victims’ bodies inside the bedroom and covered them with blanket. He also piled a handful of branches on the top of dead bodies. The alleged murderer washed his hands in the bathtub then changed with clothes belonging to the victim.

Around 12 noon, PA drove his car back to Tanah Lot, Tabanan and shortly after returned to the Jimbaran house with matches, incense, and gasoline inside a bottle of mineral water.

Once he arrived he set fire to the dead bodies. The purpose was to eliminate evidence.

Matsubha Nurio was 73 while his wife was 70 years of age.

“The motive was paying the debt and what we have ascertained is that the man did not know the Japanese couple previously,” said Hengky Widjaja.

The interrogation of PA continues.

Image: Kyodo News

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  • Sean Brics

    ..oh yes off course

  • Jiro Made Sentena

    im calling bullshit on the testimony.. so the perpetrators story is that he walked into a random house 20km+ from his home, where he just happened to randomly find a victim with a bag full of CASH? NAH!!! the perpetrator was either tipped off about the victims having a bag of cash, or he stalked them before attacking and killing them. either way he is a stone cold fukn KILLER and will be processed accordingly. the only other question is who told him about the money? its unlikely he acted alone.. fukn money grubbing scum i hope you rot in a cell FOR LIFE

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  • […] As mentioned earlier, the police stated during the trial that the defendant walked from his room on Jalan Puri Gading Kresna, Jimbaran at around 5.30am, September 3, 2017. When he passed the house and saw the gate was open, he entered the property. When the victim’s dog barked at him, he gave the dog bread crumbs to silence it. Then he saw a knife on the shoe rack, and carried out the robbery and the callous ‘murders’ of the elderly couple. He then drove the victim’s car back to his residence. When he passed through the Munggu area, he saw a gasoline seller. He bought petrol and came back to the crime scene and set fire to the dead bodies. He eventually surrendered himself to police. […]

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