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Japanese adult film star, Maria Ozawa, also known as Miyabi was held for questioning by agents at the Denpasar Immigration Office early Wednesday morning (11/07/2018).

As quoted from Kompas, the purpose of the examination of the woman remains unknown. After being questioned for around three hours, Maria Ozawa was allowed to leave Bali to return to Japan.

The woman stated on her instagram account that she visited to Bali only to celebrate her friend’s birthday. She said she felt disappointed because her presence on the island was considered negative.

“They say that I do business here, which is untrue,” said Maria Ozawa outside the Denpasar Immigration Office. “I came here to party with my friends. It was a normal activity,” said the 32-year-old woman.

On her Instagram account, Maria Ozawa had already uploaded several images of her activities in Bali. One of them was taking a photo in the pool, taking a photo with friends.

Meanwhile, Head of Immigration Denpasar, Bagus Aditya Nugraha Suharyono confirmed on Wednesday (11/07/2018) the examination of a foreign national with the name of Sayaka Stephanie Strom aka Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi.

“It is true, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 11.45pm, immigration officers had sought information from a Japanese citizen,” Bagus said in a short message.

Maria Ozawa was asked for clarification by the Intelligence Section regarding her activities at Revayah Ayung Villa, in Kesiman-Denpasar.

“At the location, a Ms Novaka Arnika celebrated her birthday,” said Suharyono.

Caption: Ms Maria takes a selfie with pilots of her flight to Bali. 

The investigation originated from an intelligence officer receiving information from the public through social media, which said that an event at Revayah Ayung Villa had brought in a foreign national of Japanese citizenship.

“Based on this information, agents monitored the event and activities of the foreigner involved,” said Bagus.

“However, there were no immigration violations by those concerned so she was allowed to leave the Denpasar Immigration Office,” said the Head of Immigration.

Ms Miyabi was also concerned that after three hours spent in immigration the officers then asked for a selfie.

She posted on her Instagram account. “And after talking NONSENSE for 2hrs in the office, they printed out some papers for me to sign.. gave me back my passport, told me over and over how FAMOUS I am in Indonesia and as I was walking out from the office, they asked me to take a selfie with them… Like what!? Seriously ?”

We imagine her popularity is booming around the country even more this week.