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The results from the initial examination by the doctors at Sanglah Hospital of the Japanese couple who were found dead on Monday have shown evidence of stab wounds and rope marks on the neck. Meanwhile, based on the crime scene investigation, the deaths were estimated to have happened during daytime. But the police cannot conclude anything official yet before receiving the final autopsy results.

“Now we are on the third day of this investigation and we have formed a special investigation team,” said Hadi Purnomo, Denpasar Police Chief, as quoted by Bali Post. “We have also involved teams from the department of forensics, K9, and Inafis [Indonesia Automatic Finger Print Identification System].”

The motif is still under investigation, but Purnomo cleared the possibility of business competition considering the age of the victim and his profession as a teacher of Japanese written characters (kanji).

The police are currently still collecting evidence, as well as questioning the couple’s adopted son, Abdul Salim, and their housekeeper.

Meanwhile as reported by Tribun, Purnomo said, “There was a package at the crime scene but we have not yet checked what is inside. And as for the open gas tank of the car, I will let the forensic team explain that later. The car is registered under the name of the adopted son,” adding that if it was a murder, “Then we suspect there is more than one perpetrator, someone that knew the victim. And it was conducted at daytime when the neighbors were out working.”

The deceased couple—Matsuba Nurio (73) and Matsuba Hiroko (70)—were discovered on Monday in the bedroom after the second floor of their house at Perumahan Puri Gading 2, Jimbaran, South Kuta, was spotted on fire by Salman. The crime scene investigation found trails of blood from the second-floor bathroom to the victims’ bedroom.