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Image: Garuda in a bubble.

The proposed travel bubble is an agreement with nearby countries that allows for travel for non-essential journeys without quarantining upon arrival with countries that have had low or controlled cases of coronavirus.

“We are designing travel bubbles with four countries; China, South Korea, Japan and Australia,” Deputy of the Coordination at the Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economy, Odo RM Manuhutu, in a virtual press conference on Friday (12/6).

He said the idea came from discussions in a limited cabinet meeting on May 28, 2020, chaired by President Joko Widodo.

The opening of travel bubbles with the four countries is related to investment in Indonesia. Odo said, China, South Korea, Japan, and Australia were chosen to support the sustainability of the four countries’ investments in Indonesia.

“The initial target is indeed for business people, but is not closed to tourists. After business people have started to come, naturally that will also encourage tourists to visit,” said Odo.

According to Odo, the travel bubble with these four countries was a prototype before Indonesia actually opened tourism for foreign tourists.

He said the government was currently discussing criteria regarding the travel bubbles, or corridors as some people are calling them now. “After we have formalized the criteria, it will be discussed with several countries for the negotiation process,” Odo told

If an agreement is then made, a travel bubble can be opened. Odo admitted that there had been requests from other countries for Indonesia to reopen certain channels.
However, said Odo, the opening phase of the travel bubble needs to be done carefully because there are many issues that need attention. These include health, safety and technical readiness. Z

“The hope is that by opening a travel bubble, we will learn the pluses and minuses, and what are the shortcomings. From this experience, it can be applied to travel bubbles with other places,” said Odo.

The minister of tourism believes that the application of travel bubbles can encourage direct flights to Indonesia, thus avoiding transits. “If there is a direct flight from say, Seoul to Jakarta, Seoul to Bali, or Osaka to Bali. This would avoid having transits where transmissions may occur,” said Odo.

Tourism bubbles have been touted all over the world in the past few weeks but with few results so far. Australia and New Zealand have a proposed travel bubble but still haven’t agreed on when it will happen. Meanwhile, Indonesia is on a banned list of foreign nationals allowed into Japan at least until the end of this month.

There are challenges ahead but facilitating business travel between these countries could be a positive start.

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  • Mark

    Today i was reading too that the coming 3 months australians are not allowed to travel to indonesia ??

    • Tony Cruz

      Yes…its official…3 months travel van

  • Rod

    Very unlikely the Australian government will allow a bubble with Indonesia,especially with the current rate of infection in Indonesia regardless of trade implications.Indonesia needs to do more work on reducing the spread of Covid-19 in a transparent manner.

    • John

      There won’t be a bubble with Australia at all. When there are no more Covid cases anywhere is when Australians will be back in Bali.

  • eddyk

    New Zealand with zero Covid cases is excluded, why?

  • Brendda

    China tourist to Bali?? From where the Virus originated? And there is a new Virus in China associated with swine/pigs. Aduh!

    • David Verrall

      The Wuhan origins had s been greatly dismissed as its CV19’s origins. See France, USA, Spain info. The Swine Flu was a fake virus from the start from by the WHO and totally dismissed after the 4 billion went to the Big Pharma co’s. You seem to be a victim of MSM propaganda that wants you to be AFRAID. and you are.

      • Tony

        Yeah…and the Pope is converting to Islam.
        What a load of BS.

  • Brendda Starr

    I I see you’re a conspiracy theorist. I was in Wuhan November 2019.. At the time the illness was thought to be the Bubonic Plague. This is Straight from the Mare’s mouth. It was not. The disease was attacking the respiratory system. I won’t address your other inane comments..

  • Andy

    Bubbles do sound like the future has already arrived. I wonder how many new bubbles the Gov has inhaled during his momentous meetings with world leaders. My phone has not stopped ringing, everybody wanna know how they can get to ride on the bubble. Well, we will let you know soon my friends. Keep listening and reading the News from Bali, it’s going to be the news of the year. I can’t wait, how about you?… It does sound amazing.

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