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Image: Man drowns at Seminyak Beach. Credit: Seminyak Times.

An Indian tourist, Rajdeep Chaherjee, 46, was found dead on Seminyak Beach on Tuesday afternoon (30/7).

Initial indications are that the man, who stayed at Villa Emdi, Jalan Taman Pule, Seminyak drowned after being dragged out to sea by a strong current. The body of the man was later taken to Sanglah General Hospital.

According to reports, the death of the man born in India, on December 10, 1973, was first known by the local lifeguards at 5.55pm. A number of beach goers saw the tourist being dragged out to sea by waves and reported the incident to the lifeguards.

On receiving the report, the lifeguard team that was guarding the location nearby immediately went out to rescue the man, but unfortunately, when he was successfully brought to the beach, the man was unconsciousness.

The lifeguards used CPR, but the man did not respond and his condition quickly declined. “Because his condition continued to deteriorate, the lifeguards then contacted medical staff for treatment at the site, but, moments later, the victim had died,” said a source at the lifeguard headquarters on Tuesday night.

The body of the victim was then evacuated by officers to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar for a post mortem. Police officers examined the testimony of a number of witnesses around the scene and it was believed that initially the victim swam alone on the beach right in front of Chiringuito Bar and Resto or north of La Planca, Seminyak. While swimming, a large wave dragged the victim out to the sea. ”

“The man allegedly swallowed a lot of sea water and fell unconscious,” said a witnesses at the location.

Head of Denpasar Lifesavers, Hari Adi Purnomo confirmed that a tourist died after being dragged under water by the currents and surf. The lifeguards were able to evacuate the victim from the water quickly were not able to save the man’s life.

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  • Avni

    He was my mom’s close friend. Sadly, he died while saving his two children from the sudden high tide.

    • Jacqueline Strooband

      Condoleances from us. Wish you and your mother all the strenght .

  • Jacqueline Strooband

    My honest and sincere sympathie to his wife , his dauhgter, his son and his mother. They were there whem some tourist who were dokters were doing CPR. This man went to the water to save his children, his daughter told me. I was there at the moment and I wish all the strength to the family . It was their 2nd day in Bali . Unfortunatelly the ambulance was not very fast. They had an AED without battery . My daughter run by all the restaurants on the beach and asked if they had an AED available but unfortunatelly NONE!!! We have tried to keep the people away so the doctors
    ( tourist volunteers) could try to give CPR. Please make AED available onthe beaches so more lives can be saved.
    We send our thoughts and prayers to the family. So sad !! Children please remember it is not your fault .

  • Annz

    I dont think this report is very accurate. I was here when this poor man was returned to the beach. The bystanders were the ones doing CPR. I saw no lifeguards or medical assistance other than beach goers. The ambulance that arrived was far too slow and did not have AED as their first line of treatment. Later this man was returned to the bar and continued treatment there where he should have been already at hospital.
    Seminyak resorts and bars should all have AEDs considering the number of beds and tourists that pass by.
    Very distressing incident for all imvolved. My condolences to family and all surrounding this event.
    Warning do this beach is incredibly unsafe for swimming.

  • Karen Harrison

    This happened again on 15th September. A young Asian couple couldn’t be saved. There was no coordination whatsoever. It happened right in front of us after they had been on the sun beds next to us. God bless them. One minute playing and taking selfies ,5 minutes later they were both dead. Please spread the news, this beach is not safe for swimmers.

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