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Image: Crowd on the scene in Selat. Credit:

A tragic accident occurred on Jalan Singaraja-Wanagiri on Sunday at around 2pm when a motorcycle, which was ridden by an Indian family, went off the road and fell down a cliff near Selat Village. It was reported that three of the family members died and one is in a critical condition.

The family wanted to go to Singaraja from Denpasar and rented a motorcycle, which was driven by Hemanth Kuma Kannaya, 38. He rode the motorcycle with his wife, Laxmi Pandripili, 34, and their two children, Nibhish Subramanya Hemanth, 3, and Rujula Hemanth, 6.  They wanted to visit Lovina and they used Google Maps as their guide.

The application showed the route via Selat Village being shorter than the Gigit Village route. When they were passing through the village, it was suspected that Hemanth Kuma could not control the motorcycle at a bend in the road.

When the road made the bend, he didn’t turn and went straight into the forest. Then the motorcycle went over the cliff and fell 16 meters, eventually stopping after hitting a tree. Hemanth Kuma, Laxmi Pandripilli, and Nibish Subramanya died when they arrived in Parama Sidhi Hospital. Meanwhile, Rujula Hemanth is still in a critical condition with several bruises on her body.

The Head of Buleleng Traffic Police, Commissioner Putu Diah Kurniawandari, said that the Selat Village road is dangerous. There were many accidents there, especially with people who drove automatic motorcycles and didn’t know the topography. “We still investigate the cause, but there were many accidents at the same location in the past, especially with those who didn’t know the topography,” she said to

Police are coordinating with the Indian General Consulate in Denpasar.