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Bali is fast becoming a top destination in the region for people looking for spirituality and enlightenment, but some people are concerned that the next generation of Balinese people won’t keep up the cultural heritage in the future. This was claimed by the spiritual guru and the supervisor of Dharma Puja Foundation (YSDP), Cokorda Mangku Bagus Astawa, and head of the foundation, Dewa Putu Gede Budiarta, in Denpasar on Tuesday.

Mangku Astawa also said that he is proud that he learned spiritual teaching. He felt like a true Balinese keeping the noble teaching which was inherited by his ancestors and has been conserved with high awareness and hard work.

“We walk along this spiritual path through a long process, it came purely from our ancestors through natural energy, meditation etc,” Mangku Astawa said to

He said that the teaching, which focuses on spiritual meditation, is trending right now in Bali and that interest is increasing from all people, including foreign tourists and expats. “Many foreigners have come to Bali to learn spiritual ways to maintain a balanced soul. Even a foreign doctor came here. We do not question their beliefs, as long as they have a positive attitude. Many of them have proven it here,” said the owner of the centre, which is located in Padma Temple, Banjar Mukti, Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar.

He also said that the learning method is simple. “I was once sick, I was paralyzed, but miraculously I can heal myself without any medicine. I learned many spiritual teachings and I combined them, so there is no special spell and literature that we use. It’s all about meditation, using basic mudra techniques, power or natural energy, so a spell is not needed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dewa Putu Gede Budiarta said that there are many people who are interested in learning spirituality in Bali. “To make it legal, we just received a recognition from the state, so our foundation has permanent legal entity right now,” he said. He also said that the foundation has been running for a long time. “We submitted the legal papers five months ago and now that we have them, we plan to launch the foundation on Thursday on Teratai Bang Temple, Bedugul Park, the activity would be praying together and it will be attended by Ida Rsi Agung Tegal Tamu as a supervisor and involves 60 members,” he concluded.