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Image: Chinese tourists on Nusa Penida. Credit: SCMP.

It is already well known by most parties that there are many foreign workers, namely Chinese working for Chinese tour companies, who work around the island of Nusa Penida. However, the local district government said that it was hard to monitor their working permits. Even carrying out several unannounced inspections recently appeared to fail, because the workers already appeared to know the raid was coming.

“When we carry out a surprise visit and inspection, they already know we were on the way. It would seem someone is trying to protect them,” said the Head of the Klungkung National Unity, Politics, and Community Security (Kesbangpolinmas) Department, Wayan Sujana, on Tuesday.

He said that his people had now joined the Foreigner Monitoring Team (POA) and will coordinate with related authorities, such as immigration, to keep monitoring these unregistered foreign workers. He hoped the community can continue to support them, too.

“If they have information, we hope they can share it with us,” he continued. He also said that they had already socialized the program to the village and tourism parties to monitor the situation. “We have asked the village leaders to take part and we will continue the monitoring process,” he said to

Lembongan village head, I Ketut Gede Arjaya, said that he had received information that some of the foreigners worked without appropriate visas. “Many of them work as dive instructors. I suspect some of them don’t have work visas,” he said. He is worried that this could affect local employment because the local instructors could not get customers because of these illegal operators.

He says that he has advised the tourism businessmen of the area to obey the rules. He said he cannot do anything else, especially in taking action if there is a violation. “The village supervisors cannot take action if there is a violation. It must be pursued by immigration, police, or the community police,” he added. He hoped they do something about it. “I hope there are many surprise inspections to ensure that they already follow the rules. If there is a violation, please say so. If there is no violation, I will personally thank them,” he concluded.