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Image: Bingin Beach.

The identity of a woman found lying dead on Bingin Beach on Wednesday (24/2) was revealed by police yesterday.

The victim was identified as Grace Wei Huang, 49, from California. The head of the South Kuta Police, Commissioner Agustinus Yusak Sooai confirmed on Thursday (25/2) that the victim Grace Wei Huang was staying at Villa Le Cliff which is not far from the scene.

“We have contacted the victim’s sister in California to confirm the identity of the woman. The police are still carrying out investigations in regard to the victim and incident,” explained Commissioner Yusak to NusaBali.

From the results of the investigation so far, the victim was strongly suspected of falling from the top of the 20-meter-high cliff to the beach. Marks on the beach and broken trees along the cliff face indicated the fall.

“The investigation results strongly suggest that the victim fell from the cliff. The possibility was that the victim was enjoying the sunset on Tuesday afternoon (23/2). However, this is still a suspicion. We are still conducting an in-depth investigation of the circumstances of the victim being at the location and the incident,” he explained.