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Kadek AP (36) allegedly cut off both feet of his wife, Ni Putu K (29), because of jealousy. The woman’s left leg was broken and her right leg almost broken.

“The domestic violence incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon (5/9), in a boarding house in Banjar Umabuluh Canggu, Badung,” said Head of Bali Police Public Relations Hengky Widjaja reported detikcom.

It is not yet known the reason the man could do such a thing, but eyewitnesses claimed to have heard a commotion previously in the boarding house courtyard. A witness saw Kadek coming out of the room with a machete in his right hand.

“Afraid, the witness then went back to his room, and a few moments later the perpetrator knocked on the door of the witness to ask him to take his wife to the hospital and the witness went out and saw the victim’s left foot in the yard,” said Hengky.

The witness and the perpetrator then took Putu to Bali Med Clinic Canggu by motorbike.

The temporary suspicion is that the perpetrator was in a rage of jealousy.

“The motive of the perpetrator is allegedly jealousy, the evidence is secured with the machete and the victim’s foot slice, and the perpetrator has been secured. The investigation continues,” Hengky said.

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