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Image: Dark late night streets. Credit: Pinterest

A young man on his way to work was robbed when he was passing along Jalan Arjuna, better known as 66 Road, Seminyak early Friday morning. The thief blocked his way and asked him to empty his pockets.

The incident began when Yustino Bobo, 23, was on his way to his workplace, Double Six Hotel on Seminyak Beach and a motorcycle followed and blocked him at around 4.40am. After they stopped, the suspect demanded the young man’s belongings which he gave up straight away. This included his wallet, mobile phone, vehicle registration and motorbike keys. But, there was only Rp39 thousand inside his wallet.

Because the suspect was not satisfy with this amount, he took the young man on a spin around the Kerobokan area, North Kuta, while the victim’s motorcycle was left at the crime scene. It was claimed that he hit the victim with a helmet several times along the way. He eventually stopped the motorbike on Jalan Kerobokan and asked the victim for Rp3 million in ransom for the motorbike and stolen goods, which the victim didn’t have.

The victim was left at the location and he went immediately to report the incident to Kuta Polsek. The Criminal Investigation Unit followed up the report and investigated the crime scene. They watched the CCTV footage, and questioned several witnesses. From the motorcycle number plate they found the perpetrators ex-wife, which led to the capture of the thief.

The Head of Kuta Polsek, Commissioner I Nyoman Wiranata said that his team moved quickly and caught the suspect. The suspect admitted the crime and said that he did it because he didn’t have means to live, nor a job. “We have already interrogated him and he is in Polsek at the moment,” he said to on Sunday.

The suspect claims it was the first time and he did it alone. “We still investigate the motive for circling the victim around Kerobokan. He said it was his first time, but we are continuing to investigate other cases near the same location which have had a similar modus,” he concluded.