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A popular franchise from the U.S.A., Hooters, recently opened their first branch in Indonesia in Kemang, South Jakarta. Besides the capital, there are plans to open a second branch in Bali. This was revealed by Keith Brown, the President of Hooters Asia at the launch in Jakarta on May 9, 2017.

“Yes, we are currently looking for a spot in Bali,” said Brown, as quoted by Viva. They have yet to know when that will be, but one thing is for sure, people’s interest in the restaurant—renowned for its sexy waitresses—is quite high which is why they decided to open Hooters in Indonesia.

“That’s why we took the risk in opening one here because of the market interest,” said Sherry Suradji, General Manager of Hooters Indonesia. “Even yesterday there was someone coming from Bandung knowing that there’s Hooters in Jakarta.”

Hooters is known for its sports bar/restaurant concept where you can watch your favorite sports game while munching on the variety of their chicken wings menu served by the Hooters Girls.