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Ground water taxation will soon be implemented by Badung District. The purpose is to protect the environment,  avoid exploitation and  to optimize locally-generated revenues.

Putu Parwata, head of Badung’s House of Representatives, remarked that it is crucial to maintain synergy between the local government and the House regarding environmental protection, especially the quality of ground water. “We don’t want the groundwater to dry up due to a lack of proper conservation effort,” Parwata said. “That is why we have designated a Special Committee [Pansus] to oversee the tax provision for groundwater in Badung.”

As reported by Bali Post, with the new local regulation, Purwata hopes that there will be no more large scale exploitation of ground water. “We don’t want everybody to use up the ground water, though that does not mean that it is not allowed,” he clarified. But the politician from Dalung said that there are exceptions, such in low catchment areas where they will limit the extraction of groundwater. “We encouraged the government to improve the water utility infrastructure, as well as for minerals,” added Parwata.

Other than creating a Special Committee to deal with the issue of groundwater tax, they are also forming a Special Committee for Entertainment, Mineral, and Non-Smoking Zones, and members of the committees are expected to finish laying out their provisions  in July 2017.