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The two accused murderers of Robert Gilhooad (80), Winda Wilantara (22), and Andika Budyanto (31), have been detained in Denpasar Police Headquarters and under interrogation, admitted to the dastardly crime and murdering the elderly man using an axe and fitness equipment in the bathroom of the victim’s home.

“The evidence found in the crime scene was an axe, two pieces of fitness equipment, a towel and the suspect’s clothes,” the Chief of Denpasar Police, Commissioner Hadi Purnomo said while accompanied by the Chief of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Police Commissioner Aris Purwanto at a press conference on Monday afternoon (13/11).

According to the police officers, after killing the victim, the murderers shared the victim’s property. Winda Wilantara took the man’s red sports Mercedez Benz with the police number DK 346 FF, along with the Vehicle Registration Certificate (Blue Book) and keys. Andika Budyanto took the victim’s money to the total of Rp 1.9 million according to NusaBali.

The interrogation over the past days has revealed the roles of the suspects. Winda choked, hit and strangled the victim using dumb bells and metal wire. Then he ran to take an axe. He gave the axe to Andika, and Andika executed the victim. “Their role is the same. You could say they both together murdered the man with that axe,” Commissioner Hadi Purnomo explained to the press.

“The suspects first met a short time ago when they were both on the way in a bus to Bali. They met the victim on Kuta Beach on October 22. Then the victim offered them work in his house in Puri Gading. Late Monday night or the morning of Tuesday (24/10), the suspect Winda Wiliantara had the idea to rob the victim’s property. This intention was expressed to his colleague, Andika Budyanto who welcomed the idea. Thus, both carried out this heinous act at 12.30 am that Tuesday morning,” Police Commissioner Hadi said and continued, “The victim had been dead 10 days before being discovered, and was already decomposing. While the two suspects fled directly after their action. Winda Wiliantara using the victim’s car, while Andika Budyanto choose to ride the bus.”

Winda was caught near Lampung, while Andika was caught near Bogor, West Java on Friday. Both are looking at sentences between 15 and 20 years.


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