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Image: The graffiti in question. Credit: instagram

The Ngurah Rai Bypass underpass in Tuban, Kuta came into the local authorities spotlight on Monday afternoon when unknown persons painted the walls with various graffiti drawings. The National Road Construction Board, who keeps the Bypass maintained, have been gathering information and say that they are ready to report the incident to the police.

Commitment Acting Officer of the National Road Construction Board, IB Jeladi, commented that the vandalism was on the southern side wall (Nusa Dua direction) of the underpass of Ngurah Rai Bypass Road and occurred on Monday at around 4pm. He explained that there were several graffiti writings on the wall and the suspects’ names were also painted on the wall.

Jeladi explained to that the vandalism was carried out by two foreigners whose identities were not known at the time. (Besides having their names written on the wall. Ed). The incident happened quite fast and according to witnesses, the suspects who rode motorbikes painted the walls very quickly. Their actions were not recorded by surveillance cameras, because the CCTV cameras installed around the location weren’t intended to record the area that was targeted by the men.

“The incident was not recorded on CCTV cameras, however, there was evidence that we got about the crime. We have secured it and through that now identified the perpetrators,” Jeladi added. Currently, the team was still collecting evidence before submitting the case to the police. To prevent similar incidents in the future, Jeladi said that his side will install CCTVs that cover the entire area. “We are ready to report the case to the police, and there is a police post near the location and we will report it there,” Jeladi concluded.

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  • David Stevenson

    they are BULE IDIOTS AND should be arrested..for vandalism…

  • Repesse

    Let’s just hope that these petty crimes are reported to the police and that the perpetrators who attempt to impose their nasty global village foreign culture without respecting local culture are put in jail at Hotel Kerobokan where they will have plenty of leisure to repaint the prison with their rubbish for as long as they wish, provided they pay for their paint. Things that are allowed or acceptable in the Bronx or in Harlem should not be tolerated in Bali. This so called « Street Art » results more often in cheap offending visual pollution and does nothing good for the environment. Authorities were already criticised enough for not sufficiently decorating that part of the By Pass at the time it was built. That is not a good enough reason to destroy the little bit that they did do with provocative filth. Next time, they might think twice on saving money by putting so few CCTV cameras.

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