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It was announced that the price of Premium petrol was going up on Wednesday afternoon but in a sudden turn around the government decided to delay the rise.

“After long consideration, the government decided to adjust the premium price of petrol around Indonesia,” said the Ministry of Energy and Human Resource (ESDM), Ignasius Jonan, to at Nusa Dua on Wednesday.

The price adjustment of Rp 450 on Premium should have come into effect on Wednesday at 6pm. But, not long after the price adjustment was implemented, (30 minutes, in fact) it was decided to postpone the Premium gasoline price adjustment and thus the decision was reversed.

Meanwhile, all non-subsidized gasoline price increases have been implemented from Wednesday at 11am. The Pertamax new price is to Rp10,400 per liter, Pertamax Turbo new price is Rp12,250 per liter, Pertamina Dex is Rp11,850 per liter, Dexlite new price is Rp10,500 per liter, and Non PSO Biosolar new price is Rp10,000 per liter.

The External Communications Manager of PT Pertamina, Arya Dwi Paramita, said that the prices were adjusted because the average crude oil price has reached US $80 per barrel. Meanwhile, the Head of Communications, Public Information Service, and Cooperation Bureau of ESDM Ministry, Agung Pribadi, said that the Premium gasoline price adjustment was postponed because the president instructed it. “The President has instructed us to postpone the premium gasoline price adjustment due to the effect it will have on the economy,” he said to in Jakarta on Wednesday.