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Photo: Cables hang all over the streets and trees of Petitenget. Credit ST


A member of the Badung government is concerned about the state of overhead electricity and other cables not being well-managed in the Petitenget area. He suggests the cables should go underground.

“We hope that the people responsible pay attention to the cables that are now looking very badly managed. The cable installers and the government must find a solution together,” the Head of Commission IV of Badung Regional House of Representatives, AAN Ketut Agus Nadi Putra, said on Tuesday.

The Golkar Party politician suggests the use of an integrated utility that has been planned by the Badung Regency Government, so that all cable networks are planted underground.

“At least they can prioritize the tourism areas, because a well-managed tourism area becomes part of our lifestyle,” Nadi Putra said to The Kerobokan politician hopes all parties will pay attention to this problem.

Meanwhile, Bali PLN Environment PR and Guidance Deputy Manager, I Gusti Ketut Putra, admits that there is still a lot of dangling cables on the roadsides in Petitenget. But, they manage them periodically to make them look better organised. “We do not like to see this condition, either,” he said to reporters yesterday.

He says that PLN are coordinating with the Badung Government to find the best solution. His side supports the government plan to create an integrated underground utility in the entire Kuta area.

And he also admitted that the underground program will need a lot of funding and must be well planned. “I hope this program can be performed well,” he said.