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Image: Rubbish piled up on Kudeta/Oberoi beach this morning. Credit: ST

Badung Environmental and Sanitary Board (LHK) is planning to ask all hotels near the beaches of southern Bali to work together with them to handle the trash on the beaches, which has arrived back with a vengeance this week.

They want every hotel to have an independent officer to help them coordinate the cleaning of the beaches. The Head of LHK Badung, I Putu Eka Merthawan, said that they will be approaching the hotel management teams soon to implement the plan.

He said that those independent officers will work as a team and they will have a specific standard operating procedures to clean the beaches and deliver the trash to landfill sites.

“Hotels must provide the budget for this. The team will become the first step to handle the rubbish. If they ask us why they need to do it, we will say that they must do something for the environment,” Merthawan said to on Sunday.

He explained that the trash issue always became a discussion point every year around this time without any real action to solve it. The beaches in Badung are too big to be handled by the Environmental and Sanitary Board alone. That’s why he invited all of the main players to help them clean the beaches.

He said that his side will help when the condition is bad. They will send the loaders to help the team lift out big rubbish such as logs. If the rubbish is small, they can use small carts to clean the rubbish.

He said that the trend of the rubbish has changed this year. The rubbish on the west side like Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak beaches have been piled up. Meanwhile, water hyacinths are piling up on the east side beaches like Nusa Dua Beach.

“Bali Democracy Forum will be held in December so we will prioritize to clean the beaches. We hope the other tourism players help too,” he concluded.

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  • Halo Bule

    I’m sure this is not the first attempt. Hopefully they will not stop their efforts in keeping the beaches cleaner. It starts at home with recycling, separating glass, paper, and plastic. Learn to care about your home first and then the environment. Trash effects people as well as animals and marine life. When I first met my wife she would just throw her trash on the street, she no longer does it since I spoke up but I wonder if the majority of Indonesia thinks the same way. Everyone can make a difference. Starts at home… spread the seed. Cleaning never stops , think long term solution.

  • Matt

    Great but they also stop the hotels and resorts privatising public beaches and blocking off public access areas. Nusa Dua, Samabe beach are the worst for it…

    • gabrielbali

      I agree to Matt. Samabe beach in Nusa Dua is the worst. The government in Bali should stop them as soon as possible!

  • gabrielbali

    It*s not enough just to ask the hotels to help, it’s time to force them to do more, much more for the environment! Especially to compost all the organic trash instead bringing all that stinking stuff to Sanur dump site…

    It’s a shame what most of the hotels in Bali still doing!

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