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Kuta Police have arrested a German tourist, Giuliano Lemoine (21) as a suspect for the tragic death of Steven Jingga (49). The incident happened in front of Paddy’s Pub at Jalan Legian on Tuesday (21/03), and after receiving treatment at Sanglah hospital, the victim passed away due to severe concussion to the head.

On Thursday (30/03), Kuta Police Chief, Mayan Sumara, released information that the unfortunate encounter happened at 1am in front of Paddy’s Pub. Previously Jingga, from Jakarta, and his friend, Wisnu Tony, were at Paddy’s enjoying the music, but then they got into a heated discussion and scuffle with four foreigners, including the suspect, who were dancing around with their shirts off, as reported by Bali Post.

“It’s not yet clear what the reason behind the fight was because all of them were heavily inebriated,” said Sumara.

The pub’s security, Tangga Lisa and Yudi, were both swift in diffusing the potential clash and escorted them all outside. Not long after, the suspect and his friends went back inside, and the officers thought that they had resolved their issues after seeing them shake hands.

As it turned out, once Lemoine and friends decided to head back to their lodgings at Jalan Dewi Sartika, Jingga was still waiting for him outside the pub. They got into a heated argument again that ended in Lemoine allegedly taking a swing at the victim with his left hand that landed on his nose. Toppled over, Jingga’s head hit the pavement and knocked him out.

The victim was rushed to Sanglah hospital, where he was in a coma for several days. At 4am on Saturday (25/03), the man died.

The police, led by the head of the criminal department, Iptu Budiartama, immediately investigated the incident. Based on witnesses’ testimonies, the suspect and friends fleed the scene with a taxi after the incident, and through CCTV footages along Jalan Legian the police were able to find out the taxi’s license plate and the hotel where the suspect stayed, Hotel Grand Ixora. They arrested two foreign tourists, Marius and Giuliano, and brought them to Kuta police station.

“Initially the suspect didn’t confess, but after we’ve shown him the evidence and the fact that the victim had died, he finally admitted to his action. Now the suspect is under arrest,” Budiartama said.