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The cliffs of Uluwatu. (Credit: this is me –


Tragedy struck in the early hours of this morning at Uluwatu as a German woman, Alina Kuroczik (23), slipped and fell to her death from a cliff at the Blue Point area, Suluban Beach, Uluwatu. The incident took place at around 1.30am. She was later found dead at the base of the cliff after a search was conducted by the authorities.

After the police investigated this incident, it was revealed that the young woman wanted to urinate off the cliff edge. “The body was found at round 2.15am and she was staying at the Pecatu Guest House,” South Kuta Police Chief, Iptu Andi Yakin, said to

Seven SAR personnel were called upon to evacuate the woman’s body and were equipped with mountaineering equipment, two rescue trail units and one evacuation vehicle.

The police chief said the victim was partying with her seven friends at Warung Mitris. Then, the victim decided to relieve herself. When she tried to stand upright, she slipped and fell from the cliff.

“From the investigation and witnesses’ statements, it was dark and it would appear she did not know that she was on the edge of the cliff,” he said.

One of the witnesses, a Brazilian tourist (21), said that he saw the victim near the cliff edge. He already told her that the place was dangerous, but then he saw the victim slip from the cliff.

He immediately told his companions.

“The victim had many wounds on her body. We have interrogated all the witnesses, her friends and the local community,” the police chef said.

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  • Raven

    The first thing to assume is that it was an accident, especially if she was alone.

    She wasn’t alone was she?

    The second thing to assume is that any other interpretation is conspiracy.

    If there wasn’t this 21 yo.

    While she supposedly didn’t know she was near the cliff end, we can never know what someone knows.

    We can know what we read, with our own bias included.

    The 21 identified her. After he told her that the cliffs are dangerous. And he saw her slipping off. Lot’s to see in the dark.

    The order of action is strange too.

    Fishy, and alcohol does trigger automatisms. Yes, we think of balance first, but p***ing in the dark is something girls do. And automatisms are reliable as long as nothing unpredictable happens.

    The third thing to assume is that she wasn’t alone and the conspiracy is not deception. But holds much uncertainty we have to reduce.

    When it is more plausible to assume she was alone, then it was self-inflicted death.

  • Al


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