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Image: German man showed to press this afternoon. Credit: Polres Badung

Badung narcotics officers arrested a German man in Cemagi, Mengwi on Monday (5/7). Police said it is one of the biggest drug hauls in some time.

Badung Police Chief Commissioner Roby Septiadi SIK when announcing the case earlier today, stated that the arrest began from public information that narcotics were being used during parties at Villa Sambada, located in Cemagi, Mengwi, Badung.

A foreign man named ABL (35), with the characteristics of dark hair and complexion, bald head, height 178 cm, and a medium stature was also named.

Based on this information, Badung Narcotics conducted a month-long investigation of the location in question.

On Monday, July 5, at around 10.15pm, the narcotics officers entered the villa and arrested the man when they saw him at the premises.

After searching the villa, police found 53 plastic clips containing white powder suspected of being cocaine and one other clip suspected of containing hashish.

“There was no one else at all in the villa other than the perpetrator at the time,” he told Tribune Bali.

While the man was being questioned, police retuned to the villa the next day Tuesday (6/7) and discovered another package containing 56 clips suspected to be containing cocaine.

In reference to the amount of evidence obtained, the police have yet to to confirm that the perpetrator is a dealer, because it is still under further investigation.

During the initial interrogation, the suspect claimed that the items belonged to him and were for personal use.

However, the police were not convinced and are still investigating the case.

“The total evidence we have secured is 282.01 grams of cocaine and 1.1 grams of hashish,” explained the Police Chief.