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The Badung district government will transform German Beach, Kuta into a public park. Years ago the white sand beach was mostly used as a port where traders from outside of Bali landed to offload their goods. But due to the beach suffering from sea erosion, the locals have suggested to the Badung administration that they do a makeover of the area.

Surya Suamba, Head of Public Works and Housing Agency, confirmed that they are planning to renovate German Beach based on the suggestion given by residents of Banjar Segara in Kuta. “We will turn it into a public park,” Suamba said, as quoted by Bali Post. “We will do it gradually, starting with one kilometer.”

Currently, they have only done routine control such as flattening the sand with heavy equipment, and in relation to the Detail Engineering Design (DED), he said it will be included in the 2017 budget revision. “Because the suggestion to remodel the beach came from the residents the planning will also involve them.”

The beautification of German Beach into a park is meant to create a more interactive space for local residents, as well as to make it more tourist-friendly “The regent of Badung has already agreed to the plan,” said Ni Luh Gede Sri Mediastuti, a member of Badung’s House of Representatives. Moreover, she said that the development will fully engage the locals, from the planning stage right through to the execution.