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Image: Gas bottles being unloaded. Credit:

As prices of LPG gas doubled in the past week, the boss of an LPG depo in Tabanan, I Nyoman Sedja (65), was arrested by Badung Police for allegedly refilling bottles with subsidized gas.

“The suspect was using 3 kg subsidized bottles to fill 12 kg bottles and selling them at non-subsidized prices,” Badung Police Chief AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes, told sindonews Monday (5/9/2022).

It would seem police are in search of such activities now with the prices sky-rocketing, as they stopped a gas supply driver yesterday in Denpasar and asked to see the purchase documents. The driver could not show an official purchase letter from SPBE, nor a delivery order note.

After being questioned, the driver told police the address of the LPG agent on Jalan Raya Mungu-Kapal, Tabanan.

At the site, the police secured 625 gas cylinders, a recap book, memorandum, 29 iron rods, rubber pry tools, a large ice pick knife and a bucket filled with gas caps.

“Also three pickup trucks,” added Leo.

Sedja admitted to police that this practice was not new as he had been mixing gas from 3 kg cylinders to 12 kg cylinders for 13 years.