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Image: Man found dead in grounds of vacant lot. Credit: google maps

A French man, Borneo Lionel, was found dead near a half built building on Jalan Dewi Sarasawati and Jalan Sunset, Seminyak on Saturday at around 11am. Police suspect that the man who stayed in Kerobokan Kelod, died from injuries from jumping off the top of the empty building.

His body was found after a man heard a scream from a Gojek driver. Paulus, who was in Warung Wahana at that time, went directly to the location of the scream. “I went to investigate after I heard a scream from a Gojek driver. (Apparently, the gojek driver had seen the man fall. Ed) I saw the body lying on the ground. I could see the man was a foreigner and I suspected that he was already dead,” he said to

Another witness, Egi Gumelar Wahyuni, 38, said that he saw the victim riding a grey N-Max, passing by his workplace on Jalan Dewi Sarasawati several times. Then the victim stopped in front of his workplace looking at the empty building across the road. Egi heard about the incident an hour later. “I saw a foreign man riding an N-Max passing by here several times. I didn’t give it much attention as I wasn’t suspicious of anything,” said the man.

Meanwhile, North Kuta Polsek confirmed that they found the foreigner’s body. Police said that they found the body lying on the ground with the head turned left. He wore sunglasses, a Tom Tom watch, a white T-shirt, grey shorts and Diadora shoes. Police also found a grey Ink helmet, dark grey N-Max motorcycle, a black wallet containing Rp 2,306,000 and a Samsung smartphone at the location.

“The victim was already dead when found. We suspect the victim jumped from the fourth floor of the empty building and we are still investigating the case but presume it is suicide. The body was taken to Sanglah Hospital,” said a police spokesperson.