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Representatives from local Bali organizations; Sandhi Murti, Patriot Garuda Nusantara (PGN), Gerakan Pemuda (GP) Ansor, and the Pecalang (Bali traditional guard) visited the Bali Police headquarters (Polda) in Denpasar on Monday, May 15, 2017. They were there to ask about the defamation case involving former Islamic Front Defender (FPI) spokesperson Munarman.

“We don’t want any forces that pose a threat to the unity of the Republic of Indonesia and disrupt religious tolerance of this land,” PGN advisor Gus Yadi told police as cited by Tempo.

Gerakan Advokat Bhinneka Tunggal Ika spokesperson Agustinus Nahak called on police to immediately arrest Munarman.

“Munarman and his gang who have been named as suspects in this case must be arrested. This case must be processed immediately,” Agustinus said. “This case doesn’t seem to be handled appropriately. We demand a response from the police.”

Munarman was reported to the Bali Police on Monday, January 16, for making comments in video footage accusing that members of the Pecalang guard had thrown objects towards local Bali residents and prohibited Muslims from conducting Friday Prayers. Munarman’s accusations were not supported by valid data nor evidence.

Munarman was named a suspect by the Bali Police on February 7 for allegedly violating Article 28 (2) in conjunction with Article 45 a (2) of Law No 19/2016 on information and online transactions.

Adj. Sr. Comr. Rudi Setiawan, deputy director of special crimes, met with the visiting representatives at the police headquarters to discuss the matter.

Meanwhile SindoNews claims that the Polda police are having difficulties in continuing the Munarman case saying that till now they have had difficulty capturing the main character of the case, one Hasan Ahmad.

“Munarman’s case cannot be resumed because the main suspect, Hasan Ahmad has not been caught yet, we have been looking for him in his house in Malang and elsewhere, but he is nowhere to be found,” said Head of Public Relations of Bali Police AKBP Hengky Widjaja on Monday 15/5/2017.

He explained that since he was made a suspect, Hasan Ahmad has not yet been questioned. Even the Bali Police issued a warrant for his arrest in February 2017. “This case uses the IT Law so we cannot question Munarman first.

As is already known, Hasan Ahmad uploaded the video with a duration 1 hour 24 minutes of the FPI members visiting the office of one of the Jakarta TV stations. In the video, the accused, Munarman alluded to the Pecalang story.