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Image: Deputy Governor of Bali Cok Ace at Puputan Badung Field. FB Pemprov Bali.

The new law for people not wearing masks, which cops a direct Rp 100k fine, came into effect yesterday. According to Tribun Bali, police netted dozens of locals and foreigners who were caught in road blocks that simultaneously sprang up throughout Bali, yesterday, Monday (7/9/2020).

In Badung, the road blocks yesterday were centered in South Kuta, in front of the GWK Cultural Park and a number of points such as Kampial Market and Jimbaran Beach.

According to Tribun Bali reporters, dozens of the residents who were netted generally had masks with them, but weren’t wearing them on both motorbikes and in cars when stopped by police.

There were also residents who did not carry any identity cards and did not bring money to pay the fine of Rp. 100 thousand.

“Indeed, there were some who did not carry any money and their identity cards are temporarily detained. We’ll give them time to pay the fine. If we don’t have masks with them at all, we give them one to continue on their way,” said Head of Police Headquarters PP Badung, I Gst Agung Ketut Suryanegara.

Eight foreigners were also stopped and fined in the area.

An American foreigner, Brian, admitted that he forgot to bring a mask because he was in a rush.

“I forgot, I didn’t wear a mask from home earlier. Sorry, sorry,” said Brian as he handed over Rp 100k.

We are not selective in enforcing the discipline of wearing masks, be it locals or foreigners. We also take action against the foreigners,” said Suryanegara. He also said that Immigration is ready to deport foreigners that aren’t prepared to wear masks or pay the fine.

The concern now is that positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali are still increasing.

According to the Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, or Cok Ace, this increase is not only due to the opening of Bali to domestic tourists.

However, it is also influenced by the movement of local people around the island, which is also very high.

“We can see the movement of local people towards Kintamani or Bedugul tourism sites (for example),” said Cok Ace when leading a rally for the implementation of the Bali Governor Regulation Number 46 in regard to wearing masks at Puputan Badung Field on Monday.

According to the deputy governor, the government has assessed that the public awareness of wearing masks has also decreased since the opening of tourist attractions for local and domestic tourists since last July 2020.

“And while most young people (who do not wear masks) have good immunity, and might not appear to be infected, can pass it on to their parents, or grandparents when they go home without realizing it. This is why most cases now are household transmissions,” said Cok Ace.

He also said that the Regulation Number 46 was an effort to suppress the transmission of Covid-19 on the Island of the Gods and reminded people that if cases continued to increase there would be further controls that no one wants, but may be necessary.

In his remarks at the rally, Deputy Governor Cok Ace said that this regulation was a follow-up to Presidential Instruction Number 6 of 2020 concerning Improving Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols in the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019.

“With this regulation on masks, we hope to increase the participation of all parties to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and protect each other and prevent new cases from appearing in community activities or government agencies,” he said.

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  • Ron Carter

    Handing out fines for people not wearing masks is too little too late. The rise of coronavirus has gone from 40 to 150+ per day in a matter of a month. No doubt it will reach 500 per day within another month. whoever is responsible for letting domestic tourist in should resign. Domestic tourists are coming from Java one of worst infected places in the world. It has been heartbreaking watching Government officials blundering around doing the exact opposite to what is necessary to contain this deadly virus. I hope there will be a vaccine soon. That is the only hope for Bali.Thank you.

  • BaliRob

    Before reading my comment – please note that I FULLY support the wearing of masks in public. BUT, recently, some villagers in Singaraja who are so poor that they do not have access to Social Media and who were not wearing masks were fined 100k but who then reported that they had no knowledge of the Governor’s Decree, had no money and that they were actually starving. This is NOT an exageration – people ARE actually starving in rural (and some urban areas) here in Bali. The hospitals there are full to overflowing with patients suffering with illnesses associated with malnutrition. It is not only COVID-19 that is killing our people but the lack of jobs and financial assistance. The selective payments policy of BPJS is also a major contributor to the results of the Pandemic.

  • ronald carter

    The coronavirus has acerbated by allowing domestic tourist to visit Bali who are from coronavirus hotspots. Also the rapid testing has proved to be only 50% effective. The compulsory wearing of masks is too little too late to be effective. There has never been a statement regarding the number of tests carried out in Bali. In Victoria there were 100,000 tests carried out in two weeks. Victoria has a similar population size to Bali. BaliRob stated his concerns regarding overflowing hospitals I’m sure if the plight of these people was made public. Funds would be forthcoming. If not from the government then from ordinary people who want to help the people of Bali. Thank you.

  • Peter

    Suicide is silent. Government putting tourist dollars over safety. 6 months into pandemic, and now masks are mandatory. It’s to late now. Until a vaccine, Bali will be infested with 19.

  • JD

    No idea why they still allow Jakarta people to go on holiday there.

  • Andrew Parkin

    I agree, it’s all too late and to further aggravate the pandemic the government is delighted to see its phase 2 of opening Bali to anyone who can get in. How fucking stupid are you? Anyway many countries are learning about controlling Covid 19 and Bali will make the same mistakes. The government should start printing money to give to the starving and the police should shoot to kill if no mask is warn, mind you that’s a bit harsh, so maybe don’t vote for me to run the country.

    On a lighter note, we as people are reconnecting and learning more which will yield positive outcomes for the future.
    My final note is that government should come clean and state the obvious “no visitors until Vaccine”. Although a shock to the system, at least we are all on the same page and don’t make any hasty decisions which could lead to a financial ruin.

    Stay Safe and continue watching Netflix, at least the government is allowing all those sex, drug and violent films to be watched in Bali during turbulent times. When the Muslim community catches up and realises their children are being corrupted, you favourite series might disappear from your account. Watch as much as you can now before it’s over.

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