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Image: Basarnas team at Tanjung Mebulu cliff. Credit: Instagram

A Belarusian man is thought to have died tragically after falling to the bottom of a cliff at Tanjung Mebulu, near Nyang Nyang beach, in the Uluwatu area of South Kuta on Sunday. The victim fell after slipping while allegedly taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff on Sunday afternoon.

The man, Barbushyn Siarhei appeared to be lifeless at the bottom of the seafront cliff. The steep and high cliff caused the evacuation to be difficult and the process continued yesterday, Monday (10/28).

South Kuta Police Chief Commisioner Yusak Agustinus confirmed the incident, which began when the victim allegedly came to the location alone by car.

“The man appears to have come alone. At the location, a rented, white Suzuki Ignis vehicle with police number DK 1468 UX was found,” explained Yusak, as quoted by Jawa Pos Radar Bali, Monday (10/28).

Yesterday, Monday (10/28) at around 5am, the combined SAR team resumed their evacuation efforts.

However, with the morning high tide it could not been confirmed whether the body of the man was washed away or are still in their original position.

It was reported this morning (Tuesday) that the body had still not been recovered until last night. Today if possible a search will be carried out using a helicopter.

Bali Basarnas Office chief Hari Adi Purnomo said the search would continue Tuesday morning.

He said the location will be combed, with the possibility of SAR helicopters being deployed to look for the victim.

From the SAR team’s data, the position of the Tanjung Mebulu cliff to the base or place where the victims fell has a height of approximately 130 metres.

“Earlier at around 5 am we had mobilized 12 personnel to the location to carry out the evacuation, one personnel was lowered to the bottom of the cliff, but the body of the victim was gone,” Hari explained to Bali Tribune News.

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  • tormentsister

    slipping while allegedly taking a selfie…
    natural selection at its best

  • Dano

    One less prideful person in the world…………..

  • M Carafino

    I love Bali but the stupidity of articles that continue to develop out of the island have me baffled. Why did the authorities wait until the body was missing before they used a helicopter to search for the fatally injured or nearly dead individual? Why did the authorities not approach the coastline by boat and rescue swimmer or some other method created using half of your brain or common sense?

    I will tell you why. Because in Bali, Indonesia in general, life has very little value.

    There are so many people in that country that are impoverished, uneducated and meaningless, the Indonesian people do not look upon life for others with any value except how much money they can get out of the tourist. So here is a case where a man is at the bottom of a cliff and all the authorities put together cannot come up with a solution to rescue or recover the man. That is why Indonesia and Bali are ass backwards countries. Because not even the authorities with resources available to them know how to make decisions that help others in the moment when they need it most.

    The only great thing about Bali is the epic surfing conditions, the sunsets, the great international social scene and some local food dishes. The rest of that crap going on above the high tide line in the sand you can have it. Because it is filled with over population, pollution, heavy and increasing crime, corruption, traffic and poverty. A society governed by people who lack global experience or the common sense of courtesy and intellect.

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