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There was a lot of commotion in a hotel on Gang Ronta, just off Poppies Lane 2 in Kuta, on Sunday night. A Tanzanian woman, CBM, 25, who allegedly is a sex worker, got upset and hit her client, an Egyptian man, MA, 41, over the head with a beer bottle.

The incident occurred at around 10pm, and according to sources happened over a payment dispute.

The woman met the man in the Kuta area earlier that evening and according to the man, they struck a deal with the rate of Rp 250,000. The woman then took the man to her hotel room to have sex. When they entered the room, the victim gave her Rp 250,000, but the suspect refused it and demanded Rp 850,000. The victim refused to pay that amount because they had already made a deal. The woman at this point became very angry, picked up a beer bottle and hit the man across the head until he was seriously injured.

The woman then ran away and left the man alone in the room. “It was recorded on the CCTV that the victim pursued her, but he stopped at the room terrace,” said a source.

After receiving a report of the incident, a Kuta Polsek team, which was led by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit, First Inspector Aan Saputra, went to the crime scene. They sent the victim to the hospital and pursued the suspect. She was arrested by police on Monday when she came back to her hotel room.

Inspector Saputra told, “We will communicate with immigration to deport the suspect.”