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The Water Blow tourist site at the Indonesia Tourism Development (ITDCC) complex at Nusa Dua has claimed more victims, though fortunately no lives were lost.

Last Sunday, three German and two Dutch tourists were swept away by the waves while they were on the water blow’s walkway, falling down to the coral rocks that resulted in serious injuries.

The Head of ITDC’s Operational Division, Made Pariwijaya, confirmed the accident. “Up until now [Monday evening], the two Dutch citizens were still undergoing treatment at BIMC Hospital in Nusa Dua,” Pariwijaya said, as quoted by Nusa Bali. “On the day of the accident, our officers had actually warned them but no one took much heed. After it happened, the officers were very swift in evacuating them and were able to rescue everyone.”

Tourists are usually the ones who love to take selfies, carelessly going near the edge of the rock to get a better view. The management of the area has installed two warning signs so they can be vigilant of large waves and also keep an ideal distance if they wish to witness the waves crashing on the rocks.

“We have stated all the rules at the entrance and inside the water blow area, but visitors sometimes ignore them,” said Pariwijaya. “They always want to get as near as possible so they can take a better photo of the crashing waves.”

He added that management will close the area in future if the waves are too high. A fence will automatically shut the entrance after receiving a warning feed from the surveillance cameras as well as based on observations of conditions on the ground, especially when the waves continually crashing down the south and eastern side of the water blow. Pariwijaya added that he will increase security by having an officer on guard 24 hours a day.

ITDC has also installed railings to line both sides of the walkway but it has been damaged due to the area’s high acidity. Now the only functioning railings are at the observation deck.

“We are going to refurbish the water blow area, starting from the walkway and railings. The condition has started to deteriorate due to age. Tomorrow [today] we will begin to design the construction.” The project also includes the construction of the “pathway of love” at the water blow area, a project intended to maximize the potential of the Peninsula Island where the water blow attraction is located.