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The heavy rainfall in the hills of Bali over the last two days has resulted in a landslides in Petang on Wednesday (18/10).

According to Badung Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), landslide occurred in two village; Pangsan and Sekar Mukti, in North Badung.

According to the Head of Badung Emergency and Logistics, Ni Nyoman Ermy Setiari, landslides caused road closures yesterday morning in the area. “10 meter sections of road were covered with fallen rubble causing disruptions,” she said.

The roads were eventually cleared by BPBD officers. Fortunately there were no casualties in the incidents and the BPBD has urged the public to always be vigilant and cautious while traveling in heavy rain around the island.

Also travelers were warned about frolicking in Bali waterfalls right now.

Officials said yesterday that there were still tourists bathing at Tegenungan waterfall, Sukawati, amid strong and murky waters flowing over the falls. Officers had to warn visitors to be more careful while bathing.

“It is not good to bathe with the river conditions like this, but there are tourists who continue to bath at the edge of the waterfall, who we have to continually warn to be careful,” said Wayan Dana, a life guard at Tegenungan Waterfall, Wednesday (18 / 10).