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Denpasar Weather Bureau (BMKG) has released a warning about the high tide and swell on the Lombok Strait today, which they say is up to three meters high. Padang Bai Port Authority has decided to cancel the fast boat crossings from Padang Bai for today and tomorrow.

“We have cancelled all fast boat crossings, but we still allow the ferry boats to cross. It’s risky to operate the fast boats in these conditions. We prioritize the passengers safety,” said the Head of Padang Bay Port, I Ketut Gede Sudarma, to on Thursday morning. Gede Sudarma said that the operation will be normal again by Saturday. He emphasized that the prohibition was temporary and his team will keep coordinating with BMKG about the situation. “It’s only temporary and we have to follow the recommendations from Denpasar BMKG,” he said to

Based on the BMKG forecast, the wind speed on Lombok Strait is up to 20 knots, which could create a high and dangerous tide. Sudarma also asked all of the fast boat operators to keep up to date with the latest conditions.