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The Daihatsu showroom on Teuku Umar west. Image Google Maps.

Local residents were shocked by a powerful explosion yesterday (Monday) at the front of a Daihatsu car showroom in west Teuku Umar.

The explosion, according to BaliPost, happened at around 2pm and resulted in six people being injured.

The injured, who were all Daihatsu employees and included the showroom manager, were all taken to Sanglah Hosptial.

According to the car showroom supervisor, Wahyu, the incident occurred as technicians were inflating an oversized promotional balloon outside the lobby of the showroom. The balloon was filled with gas, but it failed to fly. Whatever the technical error may have been, the balloon suddenly exploded.

“The explosion may have occurred because of technician negligence during the installation, we don’t know. When it came time to raise the gas balloon, there was quite a crowd watching, including our branch head,” he said.

He was reluctant to comment much more, but according to the balloon exploded in front of the vehicle showroom lobby where the injured were all standing.

Currently the six people are still receiving attention at Sanglah Hospital.

Based on observations, some of the injured suffered serious burns on the face, hands and body area.