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Image: The new rule in print. Credit: Imigrasi

Several expatriates could not hide their disappointment hearing about the new Rp 1 million per day overstay penalty fee. According to, they felt the Rp 1 million a day is right over the top. “It’s too expensive. It’s more expensive than a European penalty fee. Many tourists won’t be able to pay it and they will miss their flights,” said a Belgian man, Olivier Decoster, in Bali on Wednesday.

He also complained about the socialization of the new policy, because he only heard about it on Facebook and Twitter posts from expatriates who lived in Bali and not from the authorities.

“They didn’t socialize the new policy, either. Immigration should inform people about the new policy on social media with English language. The first thing I thought was that many foreign tourists would be stunned when they left Indonesia when it comes into effect,” he said.

He doubted that foreign tourists could pay the penalty fee. “I once overstayed my visa for six days. It’s not uncommon. But others, who don’t know about this change may have to ask other people to pay it for them because Immigration doesn’t even receive payments via credit card. It’s going to be a mess,” said the man who has stayed in Bali for nine years.

Meanwhile, Josh, an American who has lived in Indonesia for 10 years, said that the new policy will cause a negative impact on Indonesia tourism. “I thought it would be dangerous for Indonesian tourism, especially for remote areas. The 30 day visa policy has already been complicated for foreigners and that’s why they only visited popular destinations like Bali,” he said.

“Indonesia is a big country, it would need a longer time to explore it. Singapore and Malaysia, which are smaller, have a 90 day visa. It’s a bad policy. Moreover, the domestic flight rate is expensive at the moment. I don’t think the tourist visit target will be reached,” said the man who stays in Kerinci, Jambi.

He also said that the previous Rp 300 thousand a day is more than enough to punish the overstayed tourist. “They won’t overstay for a long time when they knew that they have to pay Rp 300 thousand a day. I hope the Immigration/Ministry of Law Departments coordinate with Ministry of Tourism to evaluate the impact of this new policy,” he added.

The new policy was stated in Government Regulation no. 28 of 2019 about Type and Tariff of Non-Tax Income to Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The Head of Immigration General Directorate Public Relation and Data, Agung Sampurno, said that the new policy was applied to punish overstaying foreigners. The new policy will be applied started from May 3, 2019. That’s today!

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  • Clive Matthews

    Its your responsibility to know when your visa expire and its no use complaining about whatever charge is levied. Ignorance of the la is no excuse. I was astounded to see Mr Decoster state that he had overstayed by 6 days once. He surely knew that his visa had expired but, was probably prepared to pay the lesser levy. It’s people like him who cause the authorities to increase the levy.


    I do not appreciate the usage of the term ‘Expatriate” – and Expatriate is someone who LIVES in a foreign Country = someone who eg has a Kitas or a Kitap in Indonesia. An Expatriate t4 will never have an issue with such things like overstaying a Tourist Visa! On the other hand there are thousands of so called Expatriates on Bali who actually stay here on Tourist Visa and do Visa runs in order to get new Tourist Visa to extend their prolonged stay on Bali – those are NOT Expatriates but Parasites who do not pay Tax or any other Levies a properly employed Expatriate does…kindly do not confuse Terms and People!
    If Indonesia issues a 30 day Visa (which btw can be extended once by another 30 Days if a VoA is purchased) then everyone who enters Indonesia knows these Regulations and has to adhere to them…easy as that!
    T4: what is the point of discussion here?!
    You follow the Rules – and then you also have no issue…end of Story!

    • M Carafino

      I love Bali, what a great beach atmosphere of waves, girls and sunshine.

      It is a pity that the Former Bali deputy governor Ketut Sudikerta was arrested for fraud, embezzlement and or money laundering stealing almost IDR150 billion (US$10.5 million) last December. Indonesia has to make up for this lost of cash. Clever way is to tax the tourist harder. This is simply a tourist tax. But an increase of over 200% for overstay and about 20% for VOA seems backwards. I would gladly pay 1 million on arrival for 60 days straight visa, meaning no extension after 30 days. In this manner, Indonesia gets more money from each tourist, the tourist do not have to waste two or three days of holiday over immigration office visits and everyone is happy.

      Regarding StephanBali65 comment that people who do visa runs are parasites, He is wrong. I believe it is those longer staying people that sustain much of small business and the supermarket industry, etc. The real parasitic threat to tourism on Bali is overpopulation, crime, pollution, plastic waste, corruption, discrimination and polluted stream runoff waters that contaminate the ocean along the entire West coast shoreline with Ecoli, over development, catastrophic environmental damage, lack of infrastructure and the list goes on. These are just a few of the issues that are parasitic and they are everywhere in Indonesia, not just Bali. After the tourist who stay for a long time begin to lose the dreamy vision of beach fun and sun, they stop going to Bali. Without tourist, the locals depending on tourism cannot pay to eat food. Life lesson 101, do not bite the hand that feeds the mouth.

  • Alex Cadi

    There is plenty anecdotal evidence where no overstay exemption is allowed for death, sickness, inability to travel, weather conditions etc. The authorities need to be more compassionate. The only exemption i know of was for a volcanic eruption.

  • dedublya

    Agree, M.Carafino. these Exsp..ats are an elitist pack that feed in similar quarters. The regulars supply the basic needs, spreadover a wide area, not just a pumbantu and driver.
    I can manage my time and fares easily.

  • David Stevenson

    The Bali government just tax the tourist blatantly,,but will keep coming back no matter what,,well I am fed up with all the negatives there,,after 14 x 30 day holidays ,,I did love it but seem to have lost it,,if the extra taxes helped but they don’t seem to,,

    Still waste everywhere,new taxes on a regular basis ,,nasty dogs,,so many rip off merchants,,,,etc,,,it ain’t no paradise anymore,,new arrive and departure tax,,and it just goes on and on ,,not to mention the Monument debacle,,

    I am in contact with people who are merchants there mainly said and kuta and they are absolutely battling to make any sort of living,,and hotel occupancy have been down for the last year ,average 60%,,bad,,,

    So what do the Government do ,,discourage even more tourists,,the Chinese are also slowing down their visits.

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