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A tourist from Enfield, England, Goldenberg Itzhak, was found dead in his lodging at Beji Ayu Homestay, Jalan Beji Ayu, Seminyak.

Based on the testimony from I Ketut Budiayasa, the late 33-year-old man checked in at the homestay at 4 pm on Thursday feeling sick as his hand was seen trembling when he signed the hotel’s receipt. “The deceased said that he wanted to go inside his hotel room as soon as possible,” said Ario Seno, Head of Kuta Police’s Crime Division, as quoted by Sindonews.

The next day [today], as Itzhak passed his check-out time, Budiayasa went to his room and knocked on the door but there was no response. He then proceeded to go to the back door but again no answer when he knocked. As the door was unlocked, Budiayasa walked inside and found Itzhak lying motionless on the bed with his eyes wide open, and Budiayasa immediately thought that he was dead.

“We found no signs of violence on his body,” Seno added. “We suspect the cause of death was due to illness because there were medicinal drugs in his room.” Amongst the things they found inside the room were one box of Ivanes Ketamine HCI and two syringes on top of the bed (one syringe was attached to the bottle), as well as three black bags and a paper bag. “The body has been taken to Sanglah Hospital,” said Seno.