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PLN succeeded in restoring electricity in Bali after an undisclosed interference had tripped both the Paiton and Pacitan power plants in East Java around 12.35pm this afternoon, but now electricity in Bali is back in almost all areas.

PLN’s Bali Distribution Manager, Eko Mulyo HW said that the disruption to the two plants which account for nearly 25% of Bali’s electricity supply had a major impact on the stability of electricity on the island.

Electricity has recovered in the areas supplied from Gilimanuk Substation, Pesanggaran Substation, Celukan Bawang, and Pemaron, Pemecutan Kelod, Kapal Kapal and the Airport is 100 percent was normal at 4pm. However, some points were still experiencing network disruption.

PLN also apologised for the blackouts that occurred, and at this time the efforts to improve and strengthen the system are continuing.

“We apologize for the blackouts today and the inconvenience experienced by our customers. We have made every effort to resolve these blackouts immediately, and get all systems to return to normal. We are also conducting an evaluation so that similar incidents will not occur again,” Eko added.