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It is estimated that the economic losses from the possible eruption of Mount Agung have already reached Rp 1.5 – Rp 2 trillion. The losses are in the tourism sector, Rp 264 billion, banking sector Rp 1.05 trillion, loss due to displacement of Rp 204.5 billion, agricultural, livestock, handicrafts Rp 100 billion, and mining and construction Rp 200 – Rp 500 billion.

The data was released by the Head of Data Information and Public Relations of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho from his office in Jakarta, on Thursday (26/10).

He said that for the 34 days for which the status of Mount Agung has been on ‘alert’, the economy of the community has been disrupted. “It has resulted in economic losses of people living in dangerous zones due to the cessation of tourism, mining and agricultural activities and it is estimated economic losses have reached Rp 1.5 to 2 trillion,” said Sutopo.

Based on satellite monitoring and images obtained from the drones, fractures that occur in the crater of Mount Agung continue to expand. In fact, in the center a fracture has also appeared, as reported by Bali Post.

Data from the Center for Volcanology and Migration of Geological Disasters (PVMBG), said Sutopo, also shows there is still a swell in Mount Agung of six centimeters. Sutopo said the decision whether the emergency alert will be extended or not will not be decided until after a meeting with PVMBG and related parties such as Bali Governor, Chief of Bali Regional Police, and Commander of Udayana Military Area Command.


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  • Paolo Bali

    Thanks to the imminent eruption!!!!!!!

  • Ian Johansson

    If we leave the fats cats of South Bali, the banks (1.05 trillion? WTF?) and the tourists who canceled their holidays alone and shift our focus for a second, one can’t help feeling sorry for the local people of Karangasem.
    Many of them come from some of Bali’s most fragile communities, now further impoverished and displaced from ancient lands with nothing else to do but wait.
    With Galungan coming up next week, the pressure will mount on Pastika and the Government to clarify the situation, a nearly impossible task.
    I just don’t hope that they give in to pressure and let people return before it’s safe.
    The last thing we need is further tragedy!

  • Iluh Santi

    locals will definitely return home for Galungan.. all think its worth the risk as Galungan is far more important then possible death

  • Paolo Bali

    The reality is that nobody should live on the slopes and in the proximity of any active Volcano. In here religion and traditions are more important than public safety….

  • Stuart Beat

    Yes enjoying that part of it

  • John Bergman

    It’s relatively chill.

  • Alistair Toyne


  • Des Koval

    Agung Blues

  • Alexandre Tsuk


  • Ralf

    This is only money, printed paper. Here is the problem more big and the understanding very small. The people don’t knows what is.

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