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Image: Dery’s Sports Bar being fixed but still open. Credit: Seminyak Times.

A Xenia car driven by a local man, B. W., span out of control and hit the Dery’s Sports Bar on the bend and intersection of Jalan Petitenget and Jalan Cendrawasih on Tuesday night at around 3.30am.

The Head of Badung Polres Public Relations, First Inspector Ketut Oka Bawa, said that the driver was allegedly drunk at that time and lost control of the car which then hit the restaurant.

“The car was heading north then veered into the opposite lane and suddenly turned left and smacked into the restaurant fence, kept going and smashed into the restaurant. The bumper was broken and a front tire was flat when it came to a stop,” the police spokesman said to

Fortunately, there were no victims, nor injuries because the restaurant was closed and no one was passing by. The driver was also alone in the car and didn’t suffer any injuries in the accident.

However, there were damages with a number of the restaurant chairs broken, the restaurant front wall and fence smashed up. “The restaurant damage cost is estimated to be around Rp 25 million and when police investigated the situation, it was believed that the driver was drunk,” he added.

The police decided not to arrest the man after he had met the restaurant owner and promised to pay the damages. “They decided to solve it peacefully and we did not arrest the driver,” he concluded.

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  • David Stevenson

    Amazing thought it had to be a bule…So all drunks are not tourists!

    • David Knowall

      Apparently not. But must say very sporting of them to let him off and all. Probably spend years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines in Oz Caught with half a joint here you’d get the same or more. Go figure

  • Repesse

    Isn’t it rather odd and certainly insufficient to “believe” that the driver was drunk? Can’t you quantify the degree of alcohol in this man’s blood? Not arresting the drunken bugger who may well have become some sort of mass murderer, not putting him in a cell for the night rather seems to me as a clear encouragement of drunken driving. The moral of the story sounds as if you can afford a new bumper and a couple of million rupiahs, you can drive as drunk as a mule. Would the sentence have been the same if the man “seemed” to be under the influence of narcotics?

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