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On Monday (05/06), police raided Akasaka Club, one of the biggest clubs in Bali, and secured 19k ecstasy pills with an estimated value of $7 million. The Head of Public Relations from Bali Police, Hengky Widjaja, confirmed that they had arrested four suspects from the Denpasar-based club and revealed the raid was part of an ongoing investigation into a drug trafficking case in Jakarta. Their crime division traced the clues all the way to Bali.  “All of the suspects are now still under interrogation,” said Widjaja, as quoted by Republika. “We will inform you with any updates soon.”

The confiscated ecstasy pills were in an assortment of colors and had an X-Man logo on it. Sudjarwoko, Deputy Director of the Drug Enforcer Division, remarked that the drug dealer had been targeted by the National Police for quite some time now. “We arrested the suspects around 3 pm,” he said.

The four suspects—initials WI, IS, DD, and BL—were the manager and employees of the club, and the police think that they are part of a larger drug trafficking syndicate in Bali. Akasaka Karaoke, Music Club, and A-Club are now temporarily closed.