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Denpasar narcotics agents thwarted the circulation of 1.201 ecstasy pills and 231.88 grams of shabu-shabu (crystal meth) when they picked up courier, KAP, (40), on Thursday, February 2.

Denpasar police commander, Hadi Purnomo said earlier today that after a week of investigation, the police arrested the perpetrator in Jalan Drupadi 3, Renon, East Denpasar. “The suspect was arrested at 4.30pm while he was packaging the drugs,” he told Bali Post.

According to Antara, after police were informed by the public that there was a man circulating narcotics, the police investigated and arrested the suspect. The officers then searched his residence in Perum Nuansa Kori Sading, Mengwi and found 1.201 ecstasy pills.

The defendant admitted to receiving the narcotics from a man who was called bapak and making 50 thousand Rupiah on each package.