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Image: An empty Denpasar Airport. Credit: SDW.

As the Coronavirus economic meltdown continues, last Monday (13/4) there were zero international passenger flights to and from Denpasar International Airport.

Communications and Legal Manager at Angkasa Pura I, Andanina Dyah Permata Megasari, explained that in the past week there had been a significant decrease in both aircraft and passenger movements. “In fact, on Monday 13 April, there were no flights on international routes. However, on the same day the records show that the domestic routes had approximately one thousand passenger movements,” Dyah told NusaBali on Thursday (4/16) afternoon.

The decline is obviously caused by the Corona pandemic and the government of Indonesia prohibiting foreigners, without a residence working permit, from entering Indonesia, including Bali.

Dyah also mentioned that in the past week, only 580 international passengers arrived to Bali. “International movement continues to decline, from hundreds, dozens even to absolutely none or zero movements,” said Dyah.

Some domestic routes are still open and the highest recent movement was on April 15 when 1,399 people arriving to Bali. While the most departures occurred on April 9, with a total of 2,070 people.

“For the record, the domestic and international terminals are still operational. However, movement on both international and domestic flights is becoming less by the day,” said Dyah.