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Image: Bank Mandiri recovers from a system issue. Credit: Youtube. 

There was a severe error in Bank Mandiri’s computer system throughout Indonesia last Saturday. As a result, 63 Bank Mandiri customers in Bali called the call center to complain about the balance difference in their accounts. Bank Mandiri ensured their customers that the issue had been solved and all of their customers’ money was safe and recovered. According to the bank, the recovery process was completed at around 4pm Saturday.

The CEO of Bali-Nusra Bank Mandiri, Rully Setiawan, advised customers on Monday to keep calm. He said that the condition was already under control. The balance difference occurred when the bank carried out IT system maintenance and quality improvements. According to him, the condition was manageable because there were only 63 from over 1 million customers who called the call center to complain. Some of the customers only came to nearby branches or called to get clear information about the balance difference.

“Other customers didn’t complain because we explained it to them and they understood. Moreover, the recovery process was fast and everything went back to normal on Saturday afternoon,” he said to, yesterday. When asked about the customers who made withdrawals when they realized that there was more money in their balances, Rully said that the bank called the customers and explained the issue to them.

“They returned the money when we explained the issue to them,” he added. He also apologized to the customers for the inconvenience and was confident that such an issue wouldn’t happen again in the future.



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  • Robin H. Beeson

    Mandiri’s reply is a TOTAL LIE !! Which is typical whenever there is a mechanical error in Indonesia. THE WHOLE SYSTEM WAS DOWN THROUGHOUT MONDAY – with every aspect of access DENIED to its faithful customers. In some cases problems earlier than Saturday were
    reported in Social Media.

    The fact that only 63 people complained or made enquiry of the Call Centre MEANS NOTHING because the Indonesian people know that big
    concerns here do not care about them – and where were the publc announcements on TV which should have been made to allay the members’ concerns?

    In Bali it is impossible to get replies to ordinary email to one’s Mandiri bank with often similar difficulty on the phone and ALWAYS no action taken to sort a problem.

    All this from S/E Asia’s largest bank (by assets) – I, for one, despair !!

  • Peter Pan

    Just change the bank.

  • David W Heath

    A very suspect bank. My wife had two amounts withdrawn from our son’s special school account. The re credited 5 weeks later with two entries totalling the previous unauthorised debit.
    Totally unexplained by the branch in Tabanan, even after an official complaint lodged and their ‘investigation’ over 8 days.
    My call is someone or several are fraudulently accessing accounts and repaying them when noticed.

    Solution was, close the account with suspect Mandiri, pronto.

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