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The plan to charge an entry fee for every tourist visiting Bali won’t be applied to domestic tourists.  The entry tax, which is worth of USD 10, will only be charged to foreign tourists.

This was said by Bali Governor, Wayan Koster, when the Bali Regional Government held a meeting at Gedung Dewan, Niti Mandala Denpasar, this week. Koster said that the decision was made after the government had discussed the situation with tourism stakeholders and the Tourism Ministry. “We have discussed it and have decided to charge the entry fee only to foreign tourists,” he said.

Koster explained that the decision was made because it was difficult to decide whether Indonesian citizens came to Bali for vacation or for another purpose, such as for business or working. “Indonesian citizens don’t always come to Bali for vacations. They could come here because they are working here. So, we decided not to charge any fees to them,” he added.

“I hope the regulation can be applied this year, because it’s important for Bali. I have discussed it with the Finance Ministry, Tourism Ministry, and Domestic Affairs Ministry,” Koster said.

In regard to the implementation of the regulation, Koster said that the fees will be charged and collected by provincial government officers when tourists arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport. “We will coordinate with Angkasa Pura, the managers of Ngurah Rai International Airport, about the system. I think for now we will only implement the new regulation at the airport, but eventually we will implement it at other entry points too,” he said. With this entry fee regulation, Koster hoped that his side can get Rp 1.5 billion per year with the assumption that the number of the foreign tourists reached 10 million visits per year.

Meanwhile, the Head of Bali House of Representatives, Nyoman Adi Wiryatama, said that from his side they will support the regulation. “We will complete the regional regulation as soon as possible,” he said, adding that, “Bali didn’t have other natural resources and only depended on the tourism sector, which is supported by the nature and culture of the island. So, if there are no recovery and revitalization funds, it would be difficult to maintain all of the supporting components of the tourism sector. I think it’s urgent because this fee will help Bali financially in the future,” he added.

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  • AM

    10 million tourists each paying $10 = How much Rp.??? And what about foreign visitors who travel for business?

  • Peter

    Shame on this welcoming tourists who leave a lot of money here. Why not going to Thailand instead?

  • Lynne jupp

    Most Australians spend a lot of money while in Balmas well as being generous tippers. Need to be careful families don’t go somewhere as.

  • Dave

    I wonder if it will put of 5 off coming to Bali..its 10 usd so for an aussie family .would be an extra 75 aud ..i hope Bali government will use it wisely..How about cleaning up the piles of plastic rubbish all over the streets!!

  • Warren

    Iam trying to work out if Iam stupid with my maths or if Pak Wayan Koster doesn’t have good financial people supporting him.
    If you work out what they are expecting 10,000,000 visitors at USD 10 they will reap (roughly) Rp140 billion a year not Rp1.5 billion and
    that is rounding down not up.
    Will will see some amazing new statues in Bali if that is the case.

  • Theo Lewis

    What about foreigners who have Kitas, will they have to pay?

  • Harvey

    Once again rip into the tourist, plus service tax plus local tax,plus plus plus, Bali is not cheap anyway.
    Also very racist tax applied to only foreign people.
    Now we will go to Lombok more and more,goodbye filthy rip off Bali

  • Dave

    Its a Bali thing .rip off the tourist..i think i will go to thailand in future…its the locals who will suffer…the service is supposed to go to cafe employees ..but doesn.t…with new entry tax i wont be tipping anymore…

  • Mel Rogers

    Do we now have to also pay a departure tax?

  • Dave

    Departure tax ..toilet tax…walking tax…….a tax on the polluted air? It wont stop…becoming more like oz every day..might as well stay ..and get ripped off..

  • fred tingle

    What’s left for them to tax us on?,we already pay a departure tax, now a arrival tax, the only thing left is a daily stay tax.

  • Barbara

    Sadly this tax will not help the people in Bali the everyday people who are actually the ones that need it instead it will go to the rich & the corrupt …. they need to clean the beaches & make free healthcare & dental care !! Love bali but hate the corruption !!

  • Dave

    This will go straight to Jakarta..a rich government Fat cat…
    I wouldn.t mind paying if i could see it benefit Balinese in general…its just amother money making scam..
    Clean up the rubbish..Ban burning of rubbish..
    Even the service tax is supposed to go to the waitress or person serving you..but they dont get it..
    Surely they get enough from tourists now..i go 3-4times a year for a month ..prob ably 4000 aud each time..
    I feel that some one is getting greedy..government..
    It will put some tourists off for of 5 .will cost an extra 75 aud..and its going to hurt the lovely local balinese..not fair to anyone.

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