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Image: Parks are closed in town. Credit: IG @Jeg.bali

Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases around Bali, and particularly Denpasar, in the last few days, a number of public parks in the city were closed again to the general public yesterday.

The parks were Lumintang Field, Puputan Badung I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung Field, and Lumintang City Park.

“Covid-19 cases have experienced a surge. For the time being, three public facilities have been closed again to reduce crowds,” said Dewa Gede Rai, spokesman for the Covid-19 Denpasar Task Force said in Denpasar on Sunday (13/9).

Dewa Rai went on to say that the closures were to prevent the transmission of the corona virus.

“These public areas that naturally create crowds will be temporarily closed again. We all must be more disciplined in implementing the Covid health protocols,” he said.

He said the city government will wait for the evaluation from the task force before deciding to reopen the parks.

The concern now is that positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali are still increasing.

According to him, the Denpasar City Government continues to be committed to supporting the movement of the community’s economy during the Covid-19 pandemic and public facilities that allow for the application of health protocols are still open.

According to him, not all public facilities are closed in Denpasar, but only those that have a high risk of uncontrolled transmission.

We are hoping that remains the same for the beaches. Ed.