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The Denpasar Environment and Cleanliness Department (DLHK) is deploying 1,457 cleaners tonight to keep town clean after the ogoh-ogoh parade.

“All of our cleaners will be working to clean the rubbish up after the procession of ogoh-ogoh, so that when celebrating Nyepi, the city of Denpasar is free of waste,” said Head DLHK Denpasar, Ketut Wisada.

He said the target is to clean up the garbage before the start of the Nyepi Holy Day on Saturday (17/3) at 6am.

The cleaners will be supported by 60 garbage collectors and they will comb the roads in Denpasar from Friday (20/3) night until 3am.

Wisada appealed to people parading the ogoh-ogoh to not leave them on the roads or sidewalks and that they maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

He also said that if they want to burn the effigies it should to be done in the local graveyards.

“Our officers will do a sweep to clean up the entire road and hope there are no traces of ogoh-ogoh strewn on the roads and sidewalks,” he said.

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  • Marcel Paul Luitze

    Great day to have some (special licensed) photographers on the road to make pictures of traffic free / empty and clean streets to be used in promotion campaigns for Bali.

  • hadodi

    What a joke! 1 day clean and then 364 covered in rubbish again

  • Angela Powiro


  • Angela Powiro

    Tourist check the mangrove forest without notice. Pls take pics of local visitors throwing trashes while having lunch nears the lake. Also trashes that are already there

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