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The Denpasar Criminal investigation Bureau are still investigating the death of the Dutchman, Robert Gilhooad, 63, who was found in a decomposed state in the bathroom of his house in Puri Gading, Jalan Ambon Blok A7 Number 7 on Friday last week. The police suspect that the murderer was someone known to the deceased.

The police are interrogating seven witnesses at this time. The authorities were also collecting the data about the man’s possessions, including the car (found in Merak Port Banten, near Jakarta).  Some of the witnesses stated that there was a Mercedes Benz that was missing from the house garage. “We have traced the car to some of his colleagues, but they have said that the car was missing since a week before it was found. So, we have coordinated with several authorities to track the car,” the police source told Nusbali on Monday.

While the suspicious car was photographed at Merak Port, Banten, the authorities did not suspect the driver of anything in particular, because at that time, the death of the Dutchman was not yet known. And while the authorities finished collecting the data from the driver, the man went to the toilet and fled the scene. “Because the information was still in process, the driver managed to run off and left the car in the port. We suspect that the driver is already in Medan or Lampung,” he said yesterday.

Denpasar Criminal Investigation Bureau Chief, Police Commissioner Hadi Purnomo confirmed the new findings from his team.  But he did not want to explain whether the driver was the victim’s private driver (it’s not clear from the articles whether he even had one or not. Ed) or another person. Purnomo just confirmed that the car, which was found in Merak Port, Banten, belonged to the victim. “It was matched with the report of Merak Port authorities,” he said.

In his opinion, though, the driver is the key witness to the case. Denpasar Criminal Investigation Bureau have chased him and are coordinating with local police in Sumatra. There are police that have been assigned to chase the key witness. “Let’s wait until the driver is caught and then we can interrogate him,” he concluded.

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