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The Police Cyber Division has caught a syndicate who hacked into the online travel booking website, PT Global Networking, better known as There was found to be a loss of IDR 4 billion to the bourgeoning online company.

The case was previously reported by the company on November 11, 2016. “The perpetrators had illegally accessed the server of PT Citilink Indonesia [], and the account owned by PT Global Network [], from 11 to 27 October 2016, resulting in the company suffering from a financial loss that amounted to IDR 4,124,000,982,” said Fadil Imran, Director of Cyber Crime Division, on Thursday (30/03), as quoted by

The police arrested three suspects in three different locations on Wednesday night (29/03), and they are identified with the initials MKU (19), Al (19), and NTM (27). The cyber-thieves MO was booking several tickets through the application by using PT Citilink’s account. “They booked tickets to several domestic destinations from Sabang to Merauke,” Imran added.

The fraud was discovered after Citilink tried to claim the tickets to, and realized that there was an error that resulted in the financial loss for the site. “After getting the booking code, the perps then resold the tickets on Facebook pages. The motif was purely financial.”

According to an article in Viva, police are still hunting for one more man believed to be the hacker who broke into the site with the initials SH aka Haikal. “We are still pursuing this man who is believed to be the brains behind the theft,” he said.

From the arrest, the police collected 7 cell phones, 3 ATM cards, 2 driver’s licenses, 2 identity cards, 2 laptops, and a savings account that amounts to IDR 212 million.

The men will be charged with Article 46 paragraph (1), (2), and (3), in conjunction with Article 30 paragraph (1), (2), and (3), and/or Article 51 paragraph (1) and (2), in conjunction with Article 35 and/or Article 36 Law No. 11 Year 2008 regarding Electronic Information and Transaction and/or Article 363 KUHP (Criminal Code) and/or Article 3, Article 5, and Article 10 of Law No.8 Year 2010 regarding Prevention and Eradication of the Criminal Act of Money Laundering.